Time In A Bottle

1482771_10202837980609554_990790611_nA little over a month ago Josh and I decided to make some drastic changes in our lives, one being a leap of faith for me to leave an amazing job to live these younger years with my boys at home.  I also knew I had to work PT, but my work had to have purpose.  Absolutely Clean and it’s non-for-profit Time In A Bottle, Inc  is where I landed.  Time In A Bottle was birthed from Stephanie’s quest to give TIME to families with children battling childhood cancer. This journey is personal and familiar to Stephanie, and so she fiercely pours herself into making sure these families have one less thing to worry about-a clean house. Her spirit of community is refreshing, and needed. Enjoy.


Hi everyone, this is who I am and the why in who I am briefly explained. I’m a 45-year-old lady who owns a business (Absolutely Clean) who HAPPENED to have a child with cancer many years ago. He’s fabulous and lives in Oregon now. I just returned from visiting him. I needed the 10-day reprieve with family but let me tell you what I thought of the ENTIRE visit. TIME. And how we used it.

We hiked, we had dinner, we watched sunsets (that is ONE of his favorite past times – to find the most perfect place to watch a sunset), and we watched whales. We talked about politics, about life and about nature and our connection to it. We didn’t waste our time complaining or wishing. We were 100% in the moment. Do you do that? YOU MUST. LET IT GO as that annoying song says (it was cute at first right? That’s another blog…) don’t just say it … do it. JUST DO IT.

Currently, I’m 24/7 on our carnival. It IS our major fundraiser for our non-profit, Time In a Bottle Inc. We don’t sell clean homes; we consider that a given. We sell TIME. You don’t have to have a child with cancer to appreciate what that means…

Now. Courtney asked me to write this blog so she could help me promote our carnival – but I want to share with you a few things I learned on the cancer journey and things I still struggle with because I am just a silly human.

Be humble


Give more

Don’t stress about what you see in the mirror as long as you are really LOOKING in the mirror (do you get that one?)

Let your kids be who they are meant to be

Let them make mistakes

Let someone else clean the house (can i get an amen!-courtney)

BE WITH people (not in the same room staring at your phone or thinking of the list of things you have to do but WITH them. family … friends…)

Families need time :: a 14 year old with stage 4 lymphoma and the chemo is NOT working. It’s the first email in my inbox when I return home. Usually friends or other family members will put in the application for our non-profit services. (it’s so hard to ask for help sometimes.) When I was in this situation, perfect meals on the table, those vacuums lines in the carpet? These things were the only thing I felt like I had CONTROL over … somehow a clean home gives us a sense of order again. It may be fleeting but it’s there.

Tomorrow night our committee meets one last time before the final countdown and we are praying that you all will come play. Each child that bounces in our bounce house or goes down the slide means we are that much closer to giving a fleeting moment of order back to a family.  Will you help us? These families do not need to spend their time cleaning.  They need to spend their time being 100% in the moment.


Cedar Rapids and surrounding area friends! Come out this Saturday July 12th and help us Clean Up for Cancer! All proceeds will go to Time In A Bottle, Inc. to provide cleaning services to families with children fighting cancer. Bounce house, slide, silent auction, petting zoo, games, prizes, live music…and FUN!!!

Local Businesses :: we are still gathering items for the silent auction, if you would like to participate please comment or message Courtney! Thank you!!

1908333_10204047802534346_7114192313252373131_nStephanie with her kiddos-Chris and Saralyn on their recent visit to see Chris!



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