The Burger King Mom

~people often forget that kindness is free~

It is cold in Iowa. In the winter. It’s more than an external cold, it becomes internal.  The cold snakes itself around your bones and wraps them in a chill that lingers until the spring begins thawing both land and people. It is cold.

I remember the cold bite of that day. And a mom.

Josh had invited me to lunch, at Burger King, so I bundled up and braced myself against the cold for a whopper JR (delicious) and a few quiet minutes with the man.

I was early. That never happens. Thus I did what most people do when they are early for a lunch date at Burger King. I started watching, and well starring, at my fellow BK patrons.

There was a mom. A mom of three. A mom of three boys. Shortly after taking a seat in my stalker station she was rallying the troops out of the play area. Directions were spoken, hats-coats-gloves-shoes- were handed out, and meltdowns were ensuing.

I watched. I thought ‘Good for you. Good for you for getting your boys out in this cold. For getting them out of the house. For keeping them active and engaged.’

I kept watching.

I watched as they slammed against the door of the play area in protest.  I watched as she made the oldest hold the smallest’s hand as he walked through the restaurant screaming. I watched, and gave her a courtesy smile, as she walked by.

Go help her I thought. Go help her. That is you. Help her load them into the car. It is cold.

I watched. I watched as she fought them through the double doors.  I watched as one child went limp (wet noodle) on the other in the parking lot as she tried to load them in the car. I saw their breath and the warmth of their vehicle break through the cold. I watched her drive away.

Go help her.

Josh arrived minutes later. He knew something was wrong.

“I think God just prompted me to help a mom with her kids, and I didn’t.”

I told him the story. “Why didn’t you just help her honey?”

“I don’t know.”  I still don’t know. It was cold. I didn’t move.

After lunch I settled with myself that if I felt the Holy Spirit moving me again, I would not hesitate.

I want God to move me. I want to help when it is unexpected and love when no one is watching. I don’t want to sit on the bench when God needs players. 

I won’t hesitate again. I haven’t since that day.

So, who is on your mind? Are you being prompted to an act of love or kindness?

Those flowers, that gift, that meal, that phone call, those words of encouragement, that night out for parents, that monetary blessing, an I FORGIVE YOU or I LOVE YOU; they shouldn’t wait. They can’t wait. It’s time to move.

But very truly I tell you, it is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Helper (Holy Spirit) will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you. John 16:7

Moving Me

I know this is a random pic, but the beach. And baby Beckett. I couldn’t resist. 

~Come Move Me ~ EastLake Music ~ Leah Harris 


I need Your voice to speak
To tell my lungs to breathe
To tell my heart to beat on, on

I need Your arms to be
My strength in storming seas
Forever pulling me on, on

You’re moving me
Keep moving me
Oh Majesty, come move me

I need Your eyes to see
The deepest part of me
Where all my dreams run free, on, on

I need Your calming peace
To be the end of me
To move this wilting tree on, on

Say it now, just say You’ll stay
Until this life lets go
And our hearts run free
Say it now, just say You’ll stay forever

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3 thoughts on “The Burger King Mom

  1. Love the honesty, Courtney. I have also been in situations like this when I have wanted to race over and help some struggling mom – but the awkwardness has always held me back. I suppose I feel that people are just not used to kindness and help from a stranger might not be accepted. But thats silly. I teach my children to be kind every day, I shouldn’t be afraid to open myself up to awkwardness in case I can really make someones day. Also I generally have a kid or two balanced on my hip too, so am not much help really. But still.

    I will remember this next time and try to listen to God speaking to me, urging me to help. Thank you

  2. I have been trying to deal with a lot of hate and anger this year and I must say that the ways in which I have are not good. Walking with God has become a memory in my life. Coming across your BK story brought that memory that I’ve been suppressing in darkness to light once more. Thank you. What you are doing here is important and matters. Keep it up :)

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