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Thinking about // Being married to a Pastor.  It’s one of the few jobs that people lay claim to the right to voice their opinion on how one should pastor, essentially voicing their opinion on how one should do their job. If my husband submitted to every complaint, or prayerful suggestion, he would spend the entirety of his work day, and Sunday, trying to please people. Does that seem backwards to anyone else? This may be forward..but it is what I am thinking about.

No joke-being a Pastor-Preacher-Church Leader is hard work.  Conversations are more productive then complaints. God probably gonna work on me about this.

Listening to // My husband’s new album Close. Oh boy, it is amazing. For reals. If you want your ears to hear this awesomeness, leave me your email address. And push play below

Watching // Downton Abbey. No explanation needed. Get on my level with this. Air fist bumps to PBS for this gem of a show.

Thankful for // Currently:: My baby boy’s dance moves.  He does this move with his shoulder that can change my mood instantly. All of his groove is in his shoulders. And it is the cutest thing on the planet. Also-bedtime. Always thankful for sleep.

Photographing // I need a camera. The end.

Feeling // The Fall makes me all warm and fuzzy inside, so with each passing day getting closer to my favorite season, I am feeling hopeful and energized. Pumpkin spice latte’s, over-sized sweaters, cool breezes, football, comfort food and campfires. Please and thank you.


Making me happy // Hopefully you are not laboring this Labor Day. I am not. Spending our last hurrah at the family lakehouse. What is it about a beach, or lake, that resets a chaotic mind? Peaceful. Happy.

What are you doing??? I am excited to stalk  read your posts!

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Co-hosting with Jenna from A Momma Collective. Check.her.out. Everything about her writing, fashion, photography, and children is just CUUUTTEEE. I often wonder how she manages so much. Her blog is beautiful. Her words are true. And my girl rocks red lipstick.


5 thoughts on “Currently.

  1. I feel the same way about fall! The cooler weather and comfy everything really energizes me and wakes me up after the exhausting heat of summer. I cannot wait! Have fun at the lake. That sounds like a perfect way to spend the holiday!

  2. Hey! Dropping by from the link up! So glad to read your currently! My husband is a youth pastor, so its a bit different but boy we know all about how people think you should do things the way they want you to do them. It can be exhausting! I recently told my husband that the only one he needs to be accountable to is the Lord! If he is doing that than that is all that matters. Not everyone is going to like it though! :)

  3. Hey there, dropping by from the link up. i am currently living in Brazil, and we are about to head into Summer – so all these posts about Fall make me jealous! Also, I’ve been contemplating starting to watch the show Downtown Abbey, think you may have pushed me over the edge. :)

  4. The album is awesome! Thanks for sharing it. Downton Abbey…such a good show and I can’t wait until the new season. Especially can’t wait for cooler weather cause we are still melting here in the south. 😊

  5. I love fall. I need more photography, baby and down time. Let’s schedule a photography play date. I just downloaded the album, but love the songs I have heard. You know I always love the music. I can’t get into downtown Abbey… never seen it.

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