Bowls and Birthrights.

Whoop! (I love writing that word) Emily back on the blog today talking about mean ole’ temptation!! Her Twenty Something and Then What was one of onelyric’s most read posts, and I know your gonna love the encouragement she is serving up today! Enjoy-


These things :: Target clearance racks, blaming others for my own problems, Hy-Vee Chinese, wasting time on social media, HGTV, holding grudges, wine, skipping a workout….

These things tempt me.

“TEMPTA’TION, n. The act of tempting; enticement to evil by arguments, by flattery, or by the offer of some real or apparent good.”

Temptation is a funny little thing. Some temptations are bigger, more severe, and some are small and “harmless”. Above are just SOME of my temptations… for instance, something literally comes over me when I’m in Target, like a gravitational pull to the clearance rack, and then *poof* little devil sitting on my shoulder, he starts justifying with my organized brain “It’s okay Emily, go ahead and dig in there, it’s okay, oh that’s cute and cheap, you should just spend your bonus here…..” NO!

The Target struggle is real.

But this helps with that sneaky discount aisle at Target; a story of an older brother handing over his birthright for a bowl of soup.

Recap of Esau and Jacob (Genesis 25:19-34) :: First born son Esau who was a skillful hunter, and his brother Jacob was the quiet to himself self-type of guy. Esau came home from an exhausting day in the field and demanded that Jacob give him a bowl of lentil stew at the very second he requested it because he was so tired he was going to die. (Give me a break….die? ha-ha) Jacob then requested for Esau to sell his birthright to him for a bowl. Esau stated “what good is a birthright to me anyway”, selling his birthright at that desperate moment for instant gratification to suffice his hunger. Jacob then in turn gave him some lentil soup. (…and I mean come on, lentil soup? BEAN SOUP…. At least make sure it’s some beef stew if you are going to sell your birthright…)

Bowls over birthrights. Imagine all your temptations, all in their own individual bowl. Every time you desperately “NEED” that lentil soup what are you sacrificing, who is it hurting, what corner are you cutting? Beware of the quick fix; don’t get too hungry for a temptation that is only going to temporarily satisfy you. Instead start filling those bowls with Jesus, a relationship with God, and start packing snacks. Don’t give in, you aren’t going to die.

It’s time to start holding ourselves accountable.

From my first guest blog post (Twenty-something and then what?) BE REAL PEOPLE. Don’t lie to yourself; don’t feed yourself these false accusations. Just be real. No temptation will back down until you face it head on. You have to want to reject the bowl.

It’s time to grow up.

It is possible to grow in age and not maturity. Once again in Esau’s case he grew into this skillful hunter but never grew in character. Esau got really good at killing his dinner but never learned how to control his appetite. This is easy to do if you are talented in aspects of your life. Don’t hide behind your age, grow with it. Build the infrastructure you need to grow with your gifts, and then you will find true control over these temptations. Be Faithful, Be Consistent, Be Truthful. Be Real. This point is very convicting for me, because this point is where actions speak louder than words. This is the point where hard work and diligence will prevail. This is the point where all the little battles of pushing that bowl away will pay out its dues.

The crazy thing about that story is that Esau gave up his birthright. That was a BIG deal back then. He gave up all he stood to inherit simply out of a hunger for the soup. Why couldn’t he get his own bowl? He likely felt Jacob was inferior to him and as the eldest deserved to be waited on. It also suggests that Esau did not value his birthright considering he would throw it all away for a bowl of lentil soup.

What do you have to lose? You can lose a magnitude of different things; you could lose/hurt a friend, or loved one. You could break a budget, personal goal, or a diet plan, but most importantly you could lose a lifetime in heaven. As a person who is trying to walk with Jesus every day, I know I stand to inherit the Kingdom of God when my time on Earth is done. And all these temptations that are hurled at me tempt me to walk away from my inheritance. I know what Esau feels like. I know we all do. But I value my promise in Heaven. So I am doing my best not to gobble up every bowl of lentil soup I come across.


Don’t cut yourself short by falling short to temptation and let’s grow with the richness of maturity.  I am preaching to myself here. Most importantly, be real and remember who your tag team partner is-

That tag team partner gave us a promise that states he will always give us a way of escape when we are tempted. He is a ninja like that.

~For no temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way of escape so you can endure it.~ 1 Corinthians 10:13

We’ve got this.

And since temptation can leave us in shackles-this song also. Blair it.

Break Every Chain~Jesus Culture~


There is power in the name of Jesus
There is power in the name of Jesus
There is power in the name of Jesus

To break every chain
Break every chain
Break every chain

There is power in the name of Jesus
There is power in the name of Jesus
There is power in the name of Jesus

To break every chain
Break every chain
Break every chain

To break every chain
Break every chain
Break every chain

All sufficient sacrifice
So freely given
Such a price
Bought our redemption
Heaven’s gates swing wide





Emily is from Spring Valley, MN and her hobbies include quality family time, late night pintresting, and working on her application to Hogwarts. She is a 2012 graduate of Mt. Mercy University where she tied the school record for most three’s scored in a year playing basketball for the Lady Mustangs, among many other accomplishments. She’s fiesty-and a blast. 


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