Do you and your friends need encouragement or a few laughs? Want to know more about emotional health? I would love to come to your next women’s retreat, workplace, conference or girl’s night to share with you steps that can get you on the road to emotional wellness and hope!

To inquire about speaking engagements email Talk soon!

2 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. I work in a funeral home & a lot of people think it’s a “creepy” place to work. On the contrary, it’s a very comforting place to work. Grant you it’s not for everyone, but for me it has been Very rewarding. I get paid to be kind to people who are facing saying good bye to their loved ones for the last time, post death, & for a good percentage, for the 1st time in their life. The dead don’t frighten me. I grew up playing hide & seek in a graveyard, a boneyard, the souls have departed, hopefully to a better place. I’m the receptionist & get some pretty interesting questions. A lot of calls start with, ” This is a really strange question…”, most of them are not, but once in awhile I get a zinger! I work with some of the most caring, compassionate people I have ever met, which has been very healing for me considering my husband of almost 40 years took it upon himself to end his own life on this earth in 2010. I’m sure I will not understand in my lifetime why this happened, but it does get “easier” to deal with, and it gives one a different perspective of mourners. Time to end my rant, please hold all those you love close. Love you Miss Courtney! XOXO

    • Thanks for sharing all this Barb! I think Funeral Homes are a little creepy also, its so cool that it has been a place of healing for you! Your just a cool chick anyway…I know you are so good at your job and helping with grieving families. Thankful for you- because you and Dave gave us Brynna! And there really isn’t anyone better. Faith and Heather are pretty amazing also. Love you tons.

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